Saturday, September 24, 2011

Day 2: Questions questions

So after a washout of a first day we awoke early to try and get some good mileage on the board. The Hotel de L'Avenue was completely shut on sunday morning... as is the rest of France it seems!! We've passed so many shops, boulangerie's and patisserie's that are closed we wondered if the whole country had shut down.

We left Landivicieu at a reasonable time and headed towards Landerneau, hoping that we would have more luck with the campsites as we headed west towards the coast. We made good time to Landerneau, had a coffee and headed on towards Chateuxlin. There were a couple of big climbs to get over as we went through Le Faou but other than that was fairly easy riding so we made it into Chateuxlin and to La Pointe camping just the other side of town.

It seems there are more english in this part of the world than there are french, and so we weren't suprised when the campsite was run by an english couple. Slightly tired but happy we had found a campsite that was open we decided to take day 3 as a rest day to make up for the lack of sleep on the ferry over.

Today's interesting fact about Lucy is that she is related to Judge Pickles, who the educated among you will know from various high profile quotes in the press; I thought this was pretty cool. Another interesting fact about Lucy is that she loves to ask questions... like, lots of questions. Just to give you an ideq of the quality of the questions; todays example: "do you think if you sleep on a sausage shaped pillow, it makes you want sausages for breakfast?" Brilliant.

39.05 on the speedo and a good day in all.

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