Saturday, September 24, 2011

Day 6: All in all a nice day

We left the campsite of Monsieur Haystacks fairly late in the day, about lunchtime, as we had been waiting for clothes to dry and had decided just to head along the route the friendly bike tourer (who's name we never got) had given us.

As we were leaving we pulled onto the road and Lucy asked if we could have a look at her mudguard as it seemed to be rubbing... it then transpired that the front brake was locked tight to Lucy's front wheel, and accounts for her difficulty the previous day. No wonder she found it tough! So we fixed that and everything seemed a bit more bearable. To make matters even better a bunch of elderly cyclist pulled up across the road, and after asking us where we were heading they gave us a round of applause!!! Very sweet.

So with new found optimism and a lovely sunny day, we headed off. 5 minutes later we were heading up a big hill that we had just whizzed down as it was the wrong way!?! Regardless of this we were still in good spirits and as the day went on we saw lots of other cyclists, as well as some stunning scenery. The last hour of riding was along a canal path and again stunning scenery, although Lucy found it spooky.

Anyway, I said I would elaborate on the inquisitive hobbit nickname I've given Lucy.... the inquisitive bit is obvious; she asks lots of questions.. sometimes 3 or 4 on the trot without a breath. The hobbit part is nothing to do with her appearance; afterall she is tall, doesn't have pointy ears or hairy feet. It is more in relation to her eating habits: which I have now realised control everything. So after breakfast there is 2nd breakfast, followed by brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, supper and dinner.

Lucy quote of the day "I've got to eat otherwise I'm going to have a tantrum" Brilliant

Another 40 miles on the speedo so a good day in all.

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