Saturday, September 24, 2011

Day 5: Transcript

Me: What's been your favorite bit of today?

Lucy: Getting here

Me: ...and?

Lucy: seeing that windmill

Me: um hm..

Lucy: and seeing the yurts, and then realising what an amazing place this is to camp, and then having a bit of a conversation in french.

Me: what was your least favorite bit?

Lucy: the rest of the day. from the moment I woke up to the moment we got here was my least favorite part of the day.

Full transcript to follow (when i can get it from my phone onto a computer)

So not the best day for Lucy, but she was made happy by the fact that the moment we turned into the campsite we saw some yurts (for those that don't know, lucy loves yurts!!) she was then made even happier by her meeting with the proprioter, who we nicknamed Monsieur Haystacks, due to the amount of haystacks in the field and not because he looked like giant haystacks. Monsieur Haystacks quickly went to the top of Lucy's top 3 frenchmen so all in all a good end to the day. We also got some good pointers from another bike tourer who was heading the other way, so we are now heading east for a couple of days to avoid Lorient and Vannes as big towns are a bit of a nightmare to cycle through.

30.80 on the speedo, and I've nicknamed Lucy the Inquisitive Hobbit. Which I will elaborate on tomorrow.

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