Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 11: Spokes

After the long ride into the outskirts of Nantes the day before we were both a little tired leaving Bourgenais in the morning. Every day for the last week we have been waking up to immense dew covering everything and it makes it very difficult to get going. Today was the day things changed!

It was a beautiful morning as we headed south and everything was going superbl. The sun was out and the roads were long, straight and flat and everything was going well.

Everything was going well until Lucy said "your back wheel isn't straight'

I had noticed things weren't as smooth as normal but pretty much put that down to the uneven road more than anything else. Unfortunately it was nothing to do with the road... it was more to do with the 2 spokes that had snapped at the centre of my back wheel. Bugger.

Now, mast time a spoke broke, I took it to the bike shop to fix. This time I thought I had better prove my worth and have a go at it myself, and to be fair all seemed to go quite well. I change the two culprits, spent a bit of time truing the wheel, and although it wasn't 100% perfect, it seemed good enough to get us to the next town. As we were coming into L'herbergement I was feeling rather chuffed with my bike fixing skills... thqt is until I heard a 'ping' sound, looked down, and saw yet another spoke snapped. Not such super skills after all, as I think I tightened the wheel too much and caused the 3rd spoke to break.

So, it came to be that we were cycling back on ourselves, by a mere 8 miles, to find the only bike shop in the area. It also meant we had to stay in a hotel for the night as the bike shop couldn't fix it until the morning so we ended up staying in the St James hotel in Bouferre for the night. The good thing for Lucy was she really liked the bike shop guy and he went straight to the top of her sexy frenchman list. Oh, and it was 36 degrees today (thats c not f) so an absolute scorcher.

I can't think of a Lucy question or qoute for the day, so i'll try and get 2 for tomorrow!*

40.29 miles on the clock, but 8 in the wrong direction.

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