Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 17. A new recruit!

So after a sort of rest day we headed out of Royan via the ferry across the bay of biscay, another lovely sunny day in the 30's and a day of cycling through pine forests ahead of us.

The ferry only took half an hour, and as we joined the bike path that was going to be our route all day we were joined by a Belgium guy called Nick, who had left Gent 10 days before qnd clearly was making much better headway than us. He had pretty much the same set up as Lucy with back panniers and a handlebar bag. We were now effectively a fantastic advert for Ortlieb as between us we had 11 Ortlieb bags!

We stopped for a coffee and a snack at a beach by Soulac-sur-mer while Nick fixed a problem with his wheel and then headed on. The terrain has changed dramatically in the last couple of days, and now we are going to follow pine forests pretty much all the way to Spain.

The bike paths were good, nicely paved and mainly flat so progress was good, although for 2 to 3 hours we were between a lake and the beach but didn't see any hint of water at all. We did hit a section that suddenly had us off roading and more of a boneshaker than anything else we have had so far. We got to Carcans plage early evening to find a campsite that had decided to stay open a further week due to the good weather, which was lucky as there wasn't anything else for quite a distance.

In fact it was probably the best campsite we stayed in, and added to that we were greeted by a very pretty english girl who went straight to the top of my beautiful girl list, which to date only includes a girl that ran the hotel we stayed in on day 1 and now the pretty english blonde. Lucy says I am too picky but I like to think of it as being an exclusive club. After all most of the french men we have met have made Lucy's list.

At this point Lucy discovered her pannier rack had pretty much snapped, so with the help of some cable ties, a tent peg and some electrical tape made a good job of fixing it... we think!

47.69 on the speedo and  we are probably only 4 or 5 days from Spain.

Lucy's quote of the day comes from me asking for a quote for the day... to which she responded "you can't force these things" Fair enough.

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