Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 15: Sun sun sun

For the 5th day running the weather has been amazing. It was mid 30's again today, and again we were up and out of the campsite at the crack of dawn (or about 9am, which to us is the crack of dawn)

Next stop was Royan, where we get the ferry across the Bay of Biscay. It was an easy day of cycling from the point of view that we had cycle route all the way down the coast, through beautiful forestry and beaches. However we were both pretty tired and in need of a rest day.

As we went through La Tremblade we realised our decisions from the day before really were a bit stupid, as there was an abundance of campsites and restaurants. We'll put that one dozn to experience.

We stopped in La Palmyre as there was a cybercafe, found a couple of campsites to head to in Royan and did the last 10 miles at a slow pace. Royan is very touristy, and the campsite was like the Eurocamp sites I remember from holidaying in France and Spain as a kid. Still, it had a washing machine, which was much needed as we both stank to high heaven and needed to wash every item of clothing we had with us.

29.03 miles on the speedo and both of us in need of a rest day.

Lucy's question of the day "How do they make Oringina so tasty?"

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