Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 9: Sunday

Sundays aren't a good day to be looking for things in France. As I have said a few times most of France seems to be shut most of the time, but usually you can find something that is open. Not on a Sunday though, really, you have to know where to go at exactly what time to get anything on a Sunday!

We left Muercon, and camping du haras with the intention of getting to Rieux. It was probably the most stunning scenery we have had so far, and things are starting to get a bit flatter as we go so it makes the progress a bit easier.

To be honest the only real talking point on route was when Lucy went to go for a number two's behind a tree in the middle of nowhere, only for a car to pull up a minute later and the driver get out right where she had disappeared behind the trees! I wasn't sure what was going to happen next, whether it was the farmer whose field she was crapping in or just a random bloke. It turned out it was a random bloke looking at some signs, but when Lucy got back she explained that she saw him stop, got up to run round the corner and ran into a load of spikey pine things... so then spent the next day picking them out of her cycling trousers. Oh how I laughed!

We got to Riuex, which again is a stunning French village, and to the camping municipal, which was open and also probably the best campsite so far. Right next to a river. We were a little worried that all the shops were shut and we were low on supplies, but unbelieveably there was a restaurant open right next the campsite, and we had our first restaurant dinner of the trip.

All in all a good day. 43.37 miles on the clock.

Lucy's question of the day; "Why is the tongue the stongest muscle in the body?" I didn't know it was!!

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