Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 14: Decisions decisions

Sometimes decisions you make on the road are often the wrong ones.

We had left La Rochelle earlier than any other day so far (predominantly because it was like camping in Tooting) and headed out towards Rochfort? with the intention of making it to La Tremblade, which was a good distance but not too far as to make it difficult. We followed a bike path out of La Rochelle toward Rochefort, and followed the coast most of the way. The cycle paths were great and signed and so we made great progress and hit Rochefort for lunch (the usual bread and cheese... suprise suprise)

After Rochefort we headed on, and would easily have made La Tremblade before dark, however this is where things started to go a little awry. We came into a town called Marenne, which looked lovely, and low and behold had a cybercafe. We've been looking for a cybercafe for days, and blogging gets difficult when you have to try and remember stuff that happened days ago, especially when every day is the same. So we decided to stay in Marenne, as there were 3 campsites on the map and a beach nearby.

How wrong that decision was only became clear an hour or so later, when we had found a campsite, which was effectively just a farmers field, and decided then to look for the other ones as it was a bit grim. I gave Lucy a couple of breakfast bars to keep her ticking over, and we headed on.

One visit to the police station to ask for directions, and a hour later we were back in the same campsite, after finding the other 2 closed, being eaten by mosquitos and generally not happy. We then went into town to find all the shops and restaurants shut. Finally, some time later we found a restaurant by the beach open, ate the blandest food to date and decided we were getting out of there first thing in the morning.

So not the best spur of the moment decision, but ended up clocking up 65.56 miles; the most of the trip so far.

Lucy question of the day "If you were able to look at the stars for 24 hours, would more stars appear as time went by because of the time it takes light to reach earth" Good question actually.

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