Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 8: Rest day.... but I'm not allowed to call it that.

Sooooooo... 7 days wrth of blogs to get through, from random notes on my iphone. Doubt it will be particularly exciting or funny, and the azerty keyboards aren't easy to deal with either. However I will do my best.

We got to camping du haras late on Friday evening. Fotunately it was open, and it was also pleasant so we decided day 8 should be a rest day. We were only a few miles outside Vannes and thought it would be nice to get a look at the city; do some bike maintenence and also some blogging.

Vannes is an absolutely beautiful city, stunning historical architecture and a lovely waterfront.. if you are thinking of taking a city break to France then it's my top tip, however, being France most things we wanted were shut! The bike shop couldn't help Lucy with her slipping gears as 'le technician' was not in.... which was probably lucky in the end as it saved her some money when I fixed them 10 minutes later. The cybercafe was closed, of course, so we headed to the tourism office to find out if there were any more. Of course not, because France doesn't do internet cafes like the rest of the world (although thinking about it I wouldn't know where to find one in London so I can't complain...much)

Anyway, we did manage to find a bar where they had a couple of computers and free access as long as you bought coffee so that's how we got the first week of blogs up.

After the internet cafe, where Lucy got very annoyed with the azerty keyboard, we headed off to find a supermarche to get some dinner. Another long and drawn out search later and we had all we needed for a nice evening being bombarded with falling acorns from the huge trees surrounding our tents. I took one smack on the bonce and it made a good (although slightly hollow sounding) thwack sound, and every couple of minutes we would hear them fall withing inches of us. Must have been kind of like what the blitz was like... if the germans were dropping acorns and not bombs.

The reason I'm not allowed to call it a rest day is because we cycled 27 miles. 27 miles and no progress made!

Pickles quote of the day "You know what I think.... about big cities.... they can f&çk off" :)

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