Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 19: Rest day, but a proper one

We decided that a day in Arcachon would be a good idea as the glorious weather was about to change, and cycling everyday in the searing heat was starting to seem silly. Best make the most of it for one day and then head on refreshed and ready for the final push.

I awoke to see Igor packing up his tent and waved him goodbye, to which he responded by offering me some cognac. I declined this time, as even on a rest day the thought of cognac at 8.30 in the morning was not the best idea. Obviously he thought different as he took a big swig, jumped on his bike and headed off into the unknown.

Myself and Lucy spent the day in town while Nick went to look at the biggest sand dune in Europe. We finally managed to find an open internet cafe, which was full, and were directed to another just around the corner. Two internet cafes in one town was something of an anomaly around here but appreciated nonetheless.

After that we headed off to the beach, where I tried my hand at a bit of fishing... unfortunately the only bait I had to hand was Brie or Harribo crocodiles. You´ll be suprised I am sure to find out that neither were of any use!

The only other notable occurance was I fell off my bike, although stationary, when my flip flops got caught in my pedal cages and sent me sprawling sideways with a crash. A nice scar on my leg to boot and a little pride lost, but other than that no big deal.

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